What Is A Boot Camp?

A boot camp is a group training session in a fun, outdoor environment.  Using a combination of resistance training, isometrics, and cardio, you will get a concentrated full body workout designed to deliver great results.

When/Where Do They Happen?

Currently, we offer boot camps Monday-Friday at 7am and noon beginning at the basketball courts at the west end of Duboce Park. Make sure to arrive on time or a little early, since the class sometimes jogs to other locations for a change of scenery.

What Is My Commitment?

You are welcome to attend just one class or attend every day for a year. However, we have found that our clients get the most from the boot camps if they can commit to attending at least once a week for at least 6 weeks.

How Often Should I Attend?

If you are using our boot camps as your primary form of exercise, we recommend you attend 3 or more sessions per week. If you are using our boot camps to supplement your current training program, we recommend you attend 1-3 sessions per week.

How Long Does the Workout Last?

We try to keep the boot camp to about 45 minutes. That might vary, but they will never last more than an hour.

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