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Planning Matters

Our trainers work as a team, utilizing their unique specialties and experiences to create a customized program just for you and what you hope to achieve.  There are no “one-size fits all” or “cookie cutter” approaches with MX3 Fitness.  And since the trainers work as a team, if your lead trainer is out of town for his sister’s wedding, another trainer can seamlessly pick up for him or her so you never miss a beat.

Access Matters

MX3 Fitness gives you the ability to access your training program online through our easy-to-use tracking system.  On the road and need a workout?  No problem.  Login to MX3Fitness.com and follow your custom training program, tracking your progress along the way for you and your trainer to review when you return home.

Results Matter

We know results matter. Whether your goal is to get bigger, get smaller, get stronger, or feel better, we carefully track your progress to make sure you're getting the results you expect – and you can track them online at MX3Fitness.com as well. All of our training packages include nutrition coaching and regular physical assessments to make sure you're staying on track.

Science Matters

MX3 Fitness uses the latest science and experience with our own clients to constantly refine our training techniques, dietary coaching, and supplement recommendations. We know you don't have time to waste on un-proven methods or a lackluster, generic approach to training.

You Matter

Our trainers are focused on you and you alone during your workout. No chatting with friends, texting, emailing, tweeting, Facebooking, or Instagramming - just focused time and attention to help you make the most of every session.

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