Monthly Membership

Unfortunately, we are not currently taking new monthly members.

Beacause of limited capacity, we restrict our membership to 30 monthly members. If you would like to be alerted when membership opens, please contact us at to get our our waitling list.

We offer monthly gym memberships at both of our San Francisco locations. Our gyms are divided into personal “fitness zones.” Each zone has all the equipment you need to reach your fitness goals - no more waiting or searching for equipment. We have four fitness zones in the Castro and two in the Lower Haight.

To use a MX3 Fitness Monthly Membership once you have signed up, simply review available timeslots on our website and reserve a time that works best for you. Each time slot is one hour long. Timeslots are on the hour and half hour to allow for maximum flexibility. You may reserve your timeslot up to 3 days prior to your workout. You can add a designated workout partner using our Plus One options. Your workout partner can share your monthly credits or workout with you on a single membership (no personal training allowed). 

You can choose your membership level based on your workout schedule. You can always add more workouts using workout credits. Monthly memberships are billed monthly. Credits do not roll over from month to month. If you workout on your own only periodically, you can purchase a package of drop-in credits here.

We will be issuing a limited number of Monthly Memberships to assure timeslot availability, as well as to accommodate our continued personal training practice.