Purchase Class Credits

Class credits can be used for any regurlarly scheduled classes including yoga and our outdoor bootcamps. Credits do not expire. From time to time, we may offer workshops or special classes that will require 2 or more credits to register. These classes are typically longer or require specialized equipment. All multi-credit classes will be clearly marked on the schedule.

Live Stream Class Credits

1 Credit - $15
($15.00 each)
2 Pack - $29
($14.50 each)
6 Pack - $84
($14.00 each)
12 Pack - $156
($13.00 each)
18 Pack - $216
($12.00 each)

Special Live Stream Class Credits

Seniors, students, and those currently experiencing financial distress: we have created a special streaming credit three-pack. If you are unable to afford to pay, please see the schedule for FREE classes.

3 Pack - $24
($8.00 each)