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Personal Training with Leslie

Leslie is a fitness professional and holistic wellness coach with over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. As a lifelong athlete with a background in multiple competitive sports, Leslie believes wholeheartedly that movement is a necessary component of physical and mental wellness and personal expression.

After discovering her love for the barbell in high school, at a time when you would find very few (if any) women in the weight room, Leslie is dedicated to creating safe and empowering spaces for individuals of all backgrounds and stages of life. She loves Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Kettlebell Sport.

Her approach to training relies heavily on the fundamentals of functional training and improving biomechanical efficiency, incorporating movements from the activities of daily life that are unique to each individual. She aims to be adaptable with her programming to help find the types of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes that are exciting, manageable, and shape a path to achieve her client’s goals. Her sessions are fun, yet challenging, educational, and, most importantly, effective.


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Leslie is currently taking new early morning, late morning, and midday clients.

Train with Leslie

5 Pack - $700
($140.00 each)
10 Pack - $1,325
($132.50 each)
20 Pack - $2,550
($127.50 each)
30 Pack - $3,750
($125.00 each)