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Personal Training

Our private training gyms in the Castro and Lower Haight districts of San Francisco are tailored to meet your personal training needs. 0ur team of certified professionals develops comprehensive fitness programs built around science, driven by personalized data and analysis to deliver real results – from weight loss, to endurance building, to strength gain.  Our personal training experts will provide you with the tools you need – both in-gym and online – to be fit for the long term.  We understand just showing up isn’t enough.  You and your personal training partner need to be engaged, informed, and driven to reach your goals.

Personal training can be done indoors or outdoors at our Castro location or indoors-only at our Lower Haight gym.

Workout On Your Own

Tired of working out at home with a few bands and milk jugs? Come use our equipment! On-Your-Own workouts allow you to work out using our equipment in your own indoor or outdoor peronal fitness station. Each station includes a full squat rack, weight bench and full set of free weights. We also have an elliptical and assault bike. See full equipment list. Our certified personal trainers monitor your activity closely to see what equipment you might need and to assure the highest level of COVID safety and sanitation protocols. 

On-Your-Own Workouts are available at our Castro location.

Bootcamps and Nutrition Coaching

To complement our personal training services, we also offer online bootcamps.  Invigorating online bootcamps are held every weekday morning at 7:30 am. And, for a complete body experience inside and out, inquire about our nutrition coaching services.

Whether its personal training, on-your-own workouts, bootcamps or nutrition, MX3 Fitness has you covered. Explore our website to find out more.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Based in San Francisco, MX3 Fitness provides personal training, supervised workouts, bootcamps, nutrition coaching, fitness assessments, 3D body scans, and online workout programs designed to help you set and reach your fitness goals.

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