Measure Your Progress Regularly

Whether you train on your own or with a trainer, it's important to know if you are making real progress toward the goals you are working so hard to achieve. We recommend taking measurements every 2 to 4 weeks to spot any trends that will help you and your training partner make the necessary changes to keep yourself on track.  Benchmarking and consistent measurement are critical elements to building a successful training program.

What We Measure

Our latest technology is a 3D Body Scanner - an innovative technology that captures a 3D, 360°image of the human body and extracts hundreds of the most commonly used measurements tracked for fitness progress.  This gives us a 76% more accurate measurement of your chest, arms, legs, thighs, shoulders and other areas than a typical tape measure.  We will also take skin fold measurements to identify any changes in fat thickness.

Can I Get Measured If I Am Not A Training Client?

Absolutely!  Our measurement service is open to anyone who wants to know a little bit more about their body.  It is particularly useful for early benchmarking, when you are first starting off on your fitness journey.

What Will It Cost?

Depending on the package you purchase and the frequency of your measurements, you will pay anywhere from $15 to $60 per month. Choose your package here.

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