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MX3 Fitness Mission Now Open!

MX3 Fitness is coming to San Francisco's vibrant Mission District in June, 2022. We will be offering On-Your-Own Workout Memberships, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching at this location.

Monthly Memberships

All MX3 Fitness gyms are divided into “Fitness Zones” – approximately 200 sq ft of space with all the equipment you need for a great workout, including squat rack, functional cable machine, benches, dumbbells, weights and more. No more sharing or waiting for equipment!

Members reserve a one-hour time slot for a specific fitness zone (we will have five), which you can use on your own or with a workout buddy. The cool part? Since you are reserving a fitness zone, your one membership covers both you and your buddy (though they do need to register on our website). If your buddy wants to workout on their own, we have a special monthly rate just for them.

Use promo code "MISSION50" to join today with no initiation fee!

Because MX3 Fitness is a reservation-based gym, we have very limited monthly memberships that are based on how often you plan to workout.

If you would like to become a member at our new Mission location, click here and use promo code "MISSION50" to waive the initiation fee. You will be asked to first create a free account, and then you will be directed to the monthly membership page. Pro Tip: If you want to see what a MX3 Fitness gym is all about, just buy single gym credit good for one reservation. 

Personal Training

MX3 Fitness offers personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals as quickly and as safely as possible. All of our trainers are fully certified and have experience with many body types and fitness goals. If you would like to give us to contact you to set up a free trial session once we open, please contact us here.

Nutrition Coaching

At MX3 Fitness, we think a proper diet plays just as important a role in fitness as working out. We offer comprehensive nutrition coaching for our clients with our certified nutritionist, Thespina Hilas. 

With Thespina, you will learn effective diet strategies to reach your personal goals. Most importantly, she will work with you to make sure your goals are measurable and achievable. You can start with a one-on-one consultation to get you going with a solid food plan, or dive right in with a package of one-on-one coaching sessions. Find out more here.