Nutrition Coaching

At MX3 Fitness, we think a proper diet plays just as important a role in fitness as working out. That theory is supported by recent studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association which note that what you eat – rather than how much you eat – is the biggest contributor to weight loss. We offer comprehensive nutrition coaching for our clients with our certified nutritionist, Thespina Hilas. 

Through Thespina, you will learn proper diet strategies to reach your personal goals. Most importantly, she will work with you to make sure they are achievable.  Start with a Core Nutrition Plan to get you going with a complete diet plan, then, if you want additional help along the way, you can add One-on-One Coaching.  Don’t overlook the important role nutrition plays in your overall fitness.  Contact us for more information.

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching - 12 Sessions

Keep your nutrition plan on track and stay accountable with a series of 12, one-on-one Nutrition Coaching sessions. Each phone session will last 15-30 minutes, and will cover goal refinement and updates, progress reporting, additional recommendations from our staff nutritionist, and answers to any questions you may have. 

You can use your sesssions on a weekly basis or more often if you need additional support to help you stay on track.