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Boxing Training with Brian

MX3 Fitness Instructor and Boxing Coach, Brian V

In addition to his work as a boxing group fitness trainer, Brian also teaches one-on-one boxing technique and boxing for fitness.  With a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Brian understands the patience and guidance required to take a client from a complete novice to someone with an in-depth understanding of the principles behind boxing – form, focus, rhythm, movement, and breathing. 

He blends strength, power, stamina and endurance training into an engaging workout that will challenge your system and progressively leave you with a useful skill you can take with you wherever you go.  With a foundation of boxing as defense, Brian’s classes will help you gain self-confidence, while also burning those calories.  

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Boxing Conditioning with Brian

One-on-one Boxing Conditioning with Brian

5 Pack - $500 ($100.00 each)

10 Pack - $900 ($90.00 each)

20 Pack - $1,600 ($80.00 each)

30 Pack - $2,250 ($75.00 each)