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Train with Caroline

Caroline’s approach to personal training is informed by her years of experience as a yoga instructor and massage therapist. She carefully monitors form, balance and mind/body awareness throughout workouts, to ensure a strong foundation for improved fitness. As a former ballet dancer, she intimately understands the effort-to-reward quotient and works with her clients to increase strength and endurance in a deliberate, sustainable fashion. Caroline’s in-depth understanding of muscle function delivers an experience perfect for those looking to reach whole-body fitness goals.

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Train with Caroline

5 Pack - $575
($115.00 each)
10 Pack - $1,050
($105.00 each)
20 Pack - $1,900
($95.00 each)
30 Pack - $2,700
($90.00 each)
50 Pack - $4,350
($87.00 each)