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Personal Training with Gio

MX3 Fitness Trainer, Gio Andres

As a professional dancer and dance instructor for more than ten years, Gio has an in-depth understanding of how the body moves – from alignment, to balance, to flexibility. This knowledge proves invaluable in his approach, as Gio focuses on how strength and fitness training creates a conscious understanding of the body as a three-dimensional form in space, where body awareness and control can greatly contribute to helping one reach their fitness goals. Using an integrated variety of techniques, including weight training, Pilates, and calisthenics, Gio knows how to tap into a client’s maximum potential. His enthusiasm and positive energy are a just an added bonus.

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Train with Gio

One-on-one personal training sessions with Gio. Gio trains out of our Castro location.

5 Pack - $500 ($100.00 each)

10 Pack - $900 ($90.00 each)

20 Pack - $1,600 ($80.00 each)

30 Pack - $2,250 ($75.00 each)