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Personal Training with Gio

MX3 Fitness Trainer, Gio Andres

As a professional dance instructor for more than ten years, Gio has an in-depth understanding of how the body moves – from alignment, to balance, to flexibility. This knowledge proves invaluable in his approach, as Gio focuses on how strength and fitness training creates a conscious awareness of body control – a critical component in helping one reach their fitness goals. Using an integrated variety of techniques, including weight training, Pilates, and calisthenics, Gio knows how to tap into a client’s maximum potential, whether you are just starting out or have been training for years.

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Train with Gio

One-on-one personal training sessions with Gio. Gio trains out of our Castro location.

5 Pack - $500 ($100.00 each)

10 Pack - $900 ($90.00 each)

20 Pack - $1,600 ($80.00 each)

30 Pack - $2,250 ($75.00 each)