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Train with Mike

Mike's fitness background stems from his time spent as a Division 1 Cross Country and Track athlete at Loyola Marymount University. His passion for peak performance combined with innate desire to help others led him to pursue a career in fitness where he could best utilize his athletic and educational background. After several years working in corporate fitness centers, he continued his education by attending a Masters of Exercise Science program at University College Dublin in Ireland. After a stint living in Australia, Mike is now back stateside to continue his career in fitness and wellness.

Mike takes a foundational approach to training, ensuring that fundamental movements are performed safely and effectively before challenging the body in other ways. His training specialties are in strength and conditioning; weight loss; running; and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Train with Mike

5 Pack - $575 ($115.00 each)

10 Pack - $1,050 ($105.00 each)

20 Pack - $1,900 ($95.00 each)

30 Pack - $2,700 ($90.00 each)

50 Pack - $4,350 ($87.00 each)