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Train with Shana

MX3 Fitness Health Coach and Senior Trainer, Shana Karp.

Shana is a two-time NCAA Diving All American from Stanford University and former diving coach. She understands that motivation and a solid plan are critical to meeting one`s fitness goals. Whether her clients are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase their overall health, Shana`s high energy, positive approach keeps her clients engaged and moving forward. As a person with Type 1 Diabetes, she has profound insight into how having a chronic illness can affect exercise and fitness. Her training approach borrows techniques from Olympic lifting, yoga, traditional weight lifting, and flexibility training to create a challenging and varied workout.

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Personal Training with Shana

One-on-one sessions with an MX3 certified personal trainer, Shana Karp.

5 Pack - $650
($130.00 each)
10 Pack - $1,200
($120.00 each)
20 Pack - $2,200
($110.00 each)
30 Pack - $3,150
($105.00 each)
50 Pack - $5,100
($102.00 each)